DevBlog #4 - Space Haven starting to take shape.

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Warning! This post may take some time to load, due to 3 Very cool gfycats showing game play.
Please don't pay attention to the messy User Interface Smile It is to be expected of a game so early in development.

Greetings! It has been a great past 3 weeks here at Bugbyte. We are moving along nicely, and the game is starting to take shape. We are about 4 months in now, still very early. That's 4 months of hard work and we have a long way to go. You really have to love what you do to be able to do this. Fortunately for us, we do love it Smile

We have stumbled upon some challenges, but nothing too major. It is always a bit daunting jumping into something completely new as a game developer. Our decision to create an isometric building/survival game did mean we had to move on from the known top-down graphics, and into the world of isometric graphics! Everything is going quite well though, the team is talented and hard-working. I have no doubt in my mind that the end result will be stunning visually, with a certain charm only a Bugbyte game can achieve!

We have some cool new features to show you. Above is the scanning of asteroid fields. You can scan and find out what kind of resources are hidden in the depths of the asteroids. You can then mine them and bring them to a built facility on the ship, to turn the resources into something usable.

Something we are really enthusiastic about. A tile based Space Ship environment simulator, simulating oxygen, smoke, heat and more. We have created a system that moves gas in spaces, making it possible to manipulate for example smoke by building fans to blow in a certain direction. Building certain facilities, like a smelter, will cause a lot of heat to generate. This means you have to get rid of it somehow.

Our goal is to have some realistic challenges from building a functional colony on a space ship. Not too realistic, just enough to make the game more interesting and create some challenges regarding building.

A few new screenshots:

[Image: gdFklhm.jpg]
[Image: YMqmVTa.jpg]
Hope you are liking these updates. Please understand that these are screenshots and videos from very early development, it is something we wanted to do for our community. So if something looks undone or messy or empty, rest assured that we will bring this game to perfection step by step. Have some comments or questions? Let me know here below in comments, Ill be happy to answer!

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