DevBlog #4 - Space Haven starting to take shape.


(09-27-2016, 02:59 PM)Silent Ninja Wrote: Will this be available on phones? Because in really looking forward to this game.

Whoops sorry it copied

Well the game is probaply going to be out on mobile (IOS/Android) the experience is most certainly going to be better on a tablet since you have more screenspace to do stuff on, meaning easier base building. BUT if they have the awesome classical zoom function and adjustable UI, the game will be easier to play on phones. The compatibility list is unknown and what i'm saying might be all wrong as nothing is confirmed as of yet, the videos look like they are from a pc game, but that might just be because its developed on a pc or its a program on a pc to create the game environment and test stuff.

If this was helpful, plz tell me, i need some feedback after i write something this long.

IMPORTANT: I'm not part of the dev team of this game or work for the company. I'm just a member of the community and base my info on previous experiences, info that the devs give us and common sence if I can find it somewhere in the dark corners of my round brain

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