DevBlog #7 - Tossing dead bodies, it's a cruel world.

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[Image: WyVRECB.jpg]
Hold on Rupert! I just have to calibrate the trajectory a little bit before you venture out.

Hey there space travelers. Time to show what we've been up to last week. Mining pods returning from their trip with a bounty!

And it can be a very cruel world, where friends have to be tossed into space. Needs a bit of work still, but you get the idea Smile

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love the realism you're putting into it! i would have never thought of that. it's little things like that that'll make your game amazing! better hope you don't have a mining ship docked there at the time of disposal Smile into the garbage chute dead boy!!!


Yeah, that happened in another video piece. Flies right on through it right now though Smile


Wow! The pictures don't do it justice, the art style looks amazing in action. And really digging the depth the game is looking to have

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