That's what I meant when I said simple 'focus' orders like in the second Battlevoid. You could have a turret or fighters focus on enemy turrets, or shields, or simply fire at the hull. I, personally, like control over things, and perhaps you could have it 'remember' your previous configuration? Maybe not from previous playthroughs, but throughout that single 'game.' Perhaps you could make it so that, while you can do it for each individual weapon, you could do it by ship? So, you could have a destroyer with Nuke Silos and Flak, have them target Hull, while a backup Frigate fires and disables enemies weapons in general? I was just trying to make it REALLY in depth, but something similar to First Contact would definitely make battles more in depth- they just seem, hollow. The game is great, don't get me wrong, but it seems a little too simple, and the player would be a little more engaged if they had to put a little more thought into their strategy- such as disabling enemy weapons, and moving in. Still, I appreciate the work you guys put into your games, and I can't wait until Space Haven is ready.
Thanks for reading it by the way, ha ha.

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