DevBlog #8 - First version of hyperspace!

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[Image: oAoMh8X.jpg]
[Image: ZiZpjL8.jpg]

We've been working on creating a hyperspace jump the past few days. We are showing you the first version of it here with some screenshots and small video snippets. We really feel that many interesting and never before seen things could happen in hyperspace, so we would like to get your ideas on what could happen there!

We got a thought that the fleet could travel various times in hyperspace, depending on the destination you are jumping to. Also, various accidents and encounters could happen in hyperspace as well. This aspect has not been used that much in games before, which makes us excited!

You are traveling in hyperspace with your fleet. What could happen there? Give us your ideas below!

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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