DevBlog #8 - First version of hyperspace!


From a fine Commander elsewhere:

Hello Admin. So, I've taken a little time to think on you alls latest update and really I'm not so sure how the game will play or the button commands so I'll just throw some ideas out there and hopefully I'll be able to give something to work with. Idea When jumping a system failure such as "(Power Pipeline) (Antimatter containment System) (Thrusters) has loss of pressure" being a leak, or power being drained from an alien entity or just not enough fuel. Followed by jump failure Immenent or longer travel time. Idea In the event your traveling in hyperspace. I highly doubt you would ever see the rock coming, there so far apart though. If shields have failed at that point, maybe an impact could cause a lose of pressure, leaving you the options to evacuate the breached area or just seal off the area to save pressure in the rest of the ship, leaving said crew in that area to dispair Angel . An enemy Is approaching, direct attacks on your ship or boarding parties beaming on board. Exclamation All that really comes to my mind is System failures, enemy encounter, and obstacle impact threats. Maybe Tim was eyeballing kim and knocked the chemical container over spilling concentrated hydricloric acid on his pants and now he knocked Off the hot plate into the trash and low and behold, emergency systems failed and everyone waited till half the ship was on fire to give in and tell the captain. Rolleyes I hope some use can be gotten from any of these ideas and I look forward to seeing development. DD Out.

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