DevBlog #8 - First version of hyperspace!

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Hyperspace as a rule is governed by gravitational pulls thus why if you look at any materials (starwars for example) if a big enough object is exercting enough gravity say a planatary system or a ship with a gravity projector is along the route it would by nature jerk you out of hyperspace causeing your ship a bunch of stress damage and possible destroying your hyperdrive so hyperspace routes need to be carefully mapped so as to not pass any natural gravitational fields but as a few odsticals add pirates with grav projectors or shifting lead commets who are big enough to exert their own gravity or even unknown planatary systems the list can go on and on...

Also hyperspace can be defined as a partial jump to above lightspeed or useing a gravitational sphere to bend space arround an object to make it faster instead of a full just to a higher speed the latter would work best for a gravity based anomally or pirate situation

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