If you were to make the game cost money would we still be able to keep it free of charge? And when do you guys expect the game to be out for testing?

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The game will be a premium game, so it will cost money to buy it. We follow the old school model, the "buy and then it is yours" model. So yes of course once you have bought it you get to keep it free of charge Smile

Now, will there be in-apps? None planned at the moment. But just to not shoot ourselves in the leg here now I want to say that if we ever do make some in-apps they will not be the time gate type of stuff that prevents you from playing. They could be some kind of nice bonuses for people wanting to support us more, like naming a special character, a ship, writing a back story for a character. These would not prevent or hurt anyone but they would provide for a way to have some great bonuses!

As for the price, it is not decided yet but this time we want to ask for something that represents the effort and value we have put into the game. It will be high for a mobile game, more than what Harbinger originally cost. This game will not be some ordinary game. This game will be an absolute gem and worth every dollar, just wait and see!


I'm wondering, with the current game engine if it's possible to have multiple decks?
Like star trek vessels for example, deck 1 being bridge and tactical. Deck 2 being living quarters and lounge/galley. And deck 3 being production, refining and engine room?
With elevators or stairwells around.

From the screenshots, the game view having that 2d/3D feel to it, I imagined that it might be possible.

Thanks in advance,
CV.  Cool



Decks would be possible in a way, but we might refrain from having them. It becomes hard to let the player know what
is going on, on each deck.

For example: If things are frantic on many decks, how does the player shift through them easily and give orders?

We are planning to have "areas", space ships and stations have their own sections like crew sections, engine room, industrial
rooms and so on. It's on the same deck though Smile


Thanks for the reply,
In other games that deals with layers, usually they would limit the layers to something that made sense, like 3 or 5 etc. And when swapping to a layer, the rest are faded out or completely out of view.
Some of your screenshots appear to show some of this actually.
As for warnings, the way Rimworld does it is via pop ups on the right side of the screen but I think you could expand on that to fit the theme.

From what I can imagine, a warning system could have the deck layer, say Deck 3, flash a certain colour code when events happen.
An example, take Simcity. That has Residential (Green), Commercial (Blue), Industrial (Yellow) and we add a new one, Alert!! (Red).
You could add a little text that explains the basics of what's happening.
Example Scenario:
The engine room is on fire on deck 3, the icon on the screen [3] blinks/glows red and the text reads, "Structure on Fire!",
Meanwhile, your ore processor has no more ore on deck 2, the [2] blinks/glows yellow with "No Ore" text,
Then, your food production is getting low also on deck 2, "Low Food". So the [2] now swaps from yellow to blue in cycle with the corresponding text.

And this will allow you to tap on the individual number to change to said decks and issue your orders.
With some testing, I bet this could be a great mechanic and would add a more immersive feel for those space junkies out there lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read,
CV.  Cool


Well, we can give it a serious thought! The notification system is a good idea and one we definitely plan to add!
Stay tuned.


Trading and missions will be in the game?


@Ailab. Trading. yep! Missions, those too!


Is there any lore behind the Battlevoid universe? I've played all the games and it seems like there's a really interesting backstory to all the races and especially their aesthetics. Like for example: How can traditional weapons (Railguns, gatlings, missiles, etc) keep up with more advanced laser, and plasma weaponry? What are the different tactics used by different races, how do they handle ship-to-ship battles, and what's it like to be one of the many marines in these battles? The universe seems really cool and I'd love to see what the next game is!


@God Emperor Of Mankind. We had a book written of Battlevoid back long ago! Though it was written in Finnish. We translated quite a few stories from it to English, and I reposted them here:

Better to talk on the Battlevoid forums though (Where I posted the above link to stories), as Space Haven is completely its own entity not belonging to the Battlevoid universe Smile

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