DevBlog #9 - Christmas greetings! New screenshots and footage.

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[Image: 3wkxSy7.jpg]
[Image: CFRK4CJ.jpg]
One of the things we have made the past month or so is a character creation system, that allows us now to have different looking male and female characters. Once I saw these for the first time it immediately brought me back to those old-school Indiana Jones pixel art games, I love them and our graphic artist is one hell of an artist.
[Image: pM4U32e.jpg]
We have more facilities now, here is how a ready built ship is looking at the moment.
[Image: NcjTjqz.jpg]
Grow beds! Perfect conditions to grow potatoes in these Smile

Greetings, folks! It has been a while since the last update, but it is only because we have been very hard at work trying to get the game forward here before Christmas. We will not be doing any tests yet, so hold on a bit Smile Everything is progressing nicely, and we are becoming more and more excited each day we see the game come alive.

If everything goes well we should have an early access available towards the end of next year, but please don't be mad if we can't make it. We try our best and we want to create a game that truly outshine everything we have made so far, we want it to be in a fairly good shape once you get your hands on it!

Merry Christmas and if you haven't signed up be sure to do so below! Have some ideas of features pop into your mind when you look at the screenshots? Let us know in the comments below!

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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