DevBlog #9 - Christmas greetings! New screenshots and footage.


(01-02-2017, 06:32 AM)MasonT Wrote: As a big fan of your games, especially Battlevoid: Harbinger, something things I hope to see in Space Haven is some combat. Now I understand that the game is still in the making, but with that said being able to make and equip your crew with weapons and awesome looking armor would be awesome. Then to make battlements on your ship and attack enemy/alien ships and defend boarding parties. If this is off focus of what you guys are trying to do that's fine. I would still play and support your games no matter what. Bugbyte has won my heart with space and technology clashing to take control of the galaxy.

Boarding is something we really want in the game as well! Ship to ship combat is still a bit of a question mark for us, but we will look into it and see if we can make it happen in a way that is suitable for the game.

We are back from our Christmas vacation now and we will start piecing the game together with fury!

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