DevBlog #9 - Christmas greetings! New screenshots and footage.


(04-17-2017, 04:00 PM)edgesazon Wrote:
(04-10-2017, 08:53 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote:
(04-10-2017, 03:39 PM)edgesazon Wrote: I have some questions.
1. How much space the game will need for download?
2. Will there be payment in the early access programme?
3. Will there be a LAN multiplayer or Online multiplayer?
4. Is there a kind of shield system?
5. Are we able to expand our starship, spaceship, or whatever you call it?
6. Can we put emblems at the sides of our spacecraft?
6.1. If we can put emblems, can we import images to make the images our emblem?
7. Will you reply?

1. Hard to say since it is a bit early still, but it shouldn't be a lot. We have great optimization and methods to keep the size of the game as small as possible.
2. Most likely yes, and expect this game to be of higher price than any game we have made previously. The reason is not greed, rather it's what we think is fair for having put years of our lives into making this game.
3. Unfortunately no.
4. Shields, maybe. We are working on battle mechanics right now so we will see how it goes.
5. Yes. Our goal is expansion of a ship as freely as possible, and even having multiple ships.
6. Maybe Smile
6.1 Maybe here as well!
7. Nope!
1. Can Early Access people can have an Early Bird discount? ???
2.  Can access the game half-done? 
3. Is there a type of stat system?
4. Is there a stress system?
5. Is there a Job Priority system? (like in Oxygen not Included)
6. Is there a recruitment system?
7. Is there a reproduction system? (I'm just curious!)
8. Will you reply?

I want an Early Bird discount!

1. It is very possible that when we launch we will do some type of launch discount, 10-20%. Although I cannot promise that at this point.
2. Well, our launch will most likely be an early access type of launch. So it will be half-done even though we have put in a tremendous amount of work on it already at that point Smile
3. Yes.
4. Maybe, it has been on our thoughts.
5. Job priorities similar to Rimworld, yes.
6. Yes. we have thought about the player finding crew members on other ships and ship wrecks and so on!
7. Haha, this one might be a no. But we will see how the game develops.
8. Nope!

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