Unlocking the other ships


First of all, let be express my gratitude towards this wonderful game and its creator. You have my thanks and my respect for being able to completely shut me down for hours and hours playing this game, even though it felt almost like every other galaxy(once fully geared and upgraded)!

The only wishes I have, are to first have the ships you can choose in the beginning as your flag ship to be enabled to be purchased as your fleet memberships.
Second to having a rotation likely a weekly or monthly new galaxy or even new ships in them Smile

Greets Famez



Many of the ships you can choose in the beginning are in the reinforcement ships, not all of them but quite a few Smile They will be unlocked and playable as a member ship when you unlock them as a starting ship. Maybe you knew all of this already, but just thought I would reiterate Smile

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! We are working hard here and we should soon have some more news from us! Stay tuned.


This is actually a really good idea and super easy to implement.

lets face it... the unlocked ships are basically useless anyways due to power creep (i.e. Valiant and Trademark). But they might be kind of fun as sidekicks. Still worse than Valiant by a good bit, but usable.

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