Ship to Ship combat?


Will it be possible to disable another ship or have another ship try to disable yours ingame? Ship to ship missiles or torpedos or even a roof mounted turret could work


Greetings! We've been thinking about it and it is definitely something we have been interested in having in the game. We will try to make it work somehow, but can't say for certain yet if it will be in there in the end.


Hacking would be nice :]
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Please, slow-paced ship combat similar to FTL would be ideal. This game reminds me a lot of the Battlestations tabletop game, in an awesome way. Please check out that game for ideas on how to do crew-centric combat right.


I think it would be cool if you could strip a defeated ship for parts, like the salvage mechanic but by moving components to your ship.


Also, once a derelict ship is completely striped of salvage, let us completely disassemble it for hull blocks like when we remove parts of the hull on our own ship.

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