A game with great potential!

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This game is more decent than I thought and I believe it could expand. I didn't expect I would end up playing a game where I could have to survive and make difficult decisions about my strategies. 

My only problem was the slight repetition as I have to take over different maps and doing the same thing over and over again with different enemies. I would like if there would be one specific well-thought out map that system I could actually stay in as there would many factions going against each other as they battle off-screen. As in, a big map that evolves over time as the map progresses without the need to go to a different one. I would like to have an alliance system such as joining forces with my former enemies or going against my former allies or they betray me to go over to a different faction. Also  to see my allies to have their own factory to build up their army as I do the same and conquer the map. Once the map was conquered, it would be interesting to have someone in your own group to decided to rebel, and now you would have to maintain order. Another addition would be to have enemy commanders and ally commanders to have their own personality just to create some more depths because the nemesis only hunts me down and it only shows up in certain maps. In fact it would be interesting to see factories or stations to create resources for me or in the least, conquered areas making resources as a reward for taking it over, but a consequence if the enemies were the ones to take over. Lastly, it would be interesting to command different fleets and have them send over to different regions before the enemies shows up and strengthen their defenses. 

I do get a feeling it would be a lot of work and time. But if the sequel of the game was like I wanted or in the least have some part of it, I would buy it without any hesitation.

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