DevBlog #12 - Random ship generation and new screenshots.


(04-04-2017, 09:25 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Alright, we hear you. The ship part is pretty clear at this point, start with a small ship and be able to expand it to become bigger. Build your own composition of rooms and facilities inside the ship. Rest is still open Smile Battle components will be there, but battle won't be the sole focus of the game. I would say our thought now is to let the player decide how he wants to play the game, and how much battle he wants to do. If he wants to try to survive in another way. Would be great to make different play styles possible!

What your saying about the ship sounds brilliant,fun,and has great incentive,when you say build your own composition of rooms do you mean we get multiple choices of what rooms go where we want in the ship,and do those room invovle weapon rooms like turrets? Whats very interesting is,you said "if we want to survive in another way" are you saying we can have battles in different ways? And not the same way each time,diffent options for battles is not something I experienced on a tablet before,sound amazing,and alot of work on your behalf.I noticed you said nothing about the crew members,will they have weapons,that can be swapped out for better weapons as we progress?

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