Had the same idea a while back!

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Hey I made this post on Reddit a while ago but it didn't get any love!: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameIdea/commen...and_elite/


So this is a broad outline of a turn-based game I would love to play:
 * large focus on ship boarding and intraship conflict (crew vs. crew) ala FTL but with xcom-like combat.
 * ship to ship combat - but aim is to capture ship or contents most of the time.
 * planet/ground missions large open universe, off-rails exploration (procedurally generated?)
 * faction campaigns/multiple game endings
 * multi-level ships/maps with gravity, electronics, defense systems
 * different ship environments depending on race e.g. toxic atmosphere, high gravity, vaccum, total darkness.
 * Support from your ship available during boarding e.g. call for fire on particular parts of the hull to depressurize rooms, heat signature movements scans, electronic interference/hacking .
 * persistant and level-upable crew with side-stories
 * Technology increases available through salvage and factions?
 * missions could be timed by distress beacons going off, with tech needed to detect when help/'space police' arrive.  Different timings based on system/area protection levels. Blocking of distress beacons possible with the right tech.
 * multiplayer could have varied approaches? 3 small ships v.s. 1 large etc.

Strategies would vary widely on which faction, tactics, gear and ships were chosen. I haven't played Wasteland 2 but I imagine something similar combat wise.

What do you think? This could even work as a multiplayer fps, the anti-grav aspect of it could be interesting as well a crew members providing support from a support ship.


Great to see something that might fulfil this idea! Will definitely buy it! 
I've about 25+ years gaming experience so I've got plenty more ideas!  I'll post some more thoughts in a bit Smile



Yeah, we will have quite a few of those listed features in the game. We're also from the arrival of X-COM era, playing that game as kids. Was scary Smile And remember it took us 2-3 hours to figure out you have to push the turn button to get more movement points. Glad to have you on board!

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