DevBlog #13 - Explosion mayhem!


That's very sad. I don't like ships blowed up like that!

Seriously though, looks great. Smile Just don't make the crew walk into blowed up sections!

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Those floating debris when the hull is destroyed? Lovely! such attention to detail that I just can't stop drooling at this. Also do something like when a crew get sucked in a vacuum from a broken hull and gets thrown out to space without a suit, make them froze to death like in that movie Guardians of the Galaxy.


(05-09-2017, 07:19 PM)Madmandom Wrote: To be honest looks amazing,good job my samsung tablet packs 3gig ram,looks like this game will need itSmile now we know the graphics animations and colours all look amazing,I'm really hoping there's enough in terms of upgrading and battling to keep me playing for months even a year,also can't wait to hear some sounds for the weapons and explosions.great job so far.

Wait, is it going to be mobile?

I really hope not. A lot of games on mobile could have so much potential if they were computer games.


looks amazing, consider that without oxigen there's no fire and the explosions send and spread fire to zones with oxigen.

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The game is both a PC game and a mobile game., but different platforms will have a slightly different version of the game. We will optimize and tweak the User interface/graphics/effects/details according to the platform to try to make sure the experience is great on all platforms.

A PC packs more punch, so we can do more there and obviously the user interface is a PC user interface.
Mobile devices are trickier, so there will of course be a limitation as to which devices will be able to run the game. Currently we have quite low end devices running the game, and we sure hope we can keep it that way.

Our goal is to get the game to as many PC and mobile devices as possible, without compromising on the game play experience.


My beta fingers are itching even more now Big Grin

Keep up the great work team.


(05-10-2017, 07:42 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: The game is both a PC game and a mobile game.,

I take it you will also be targeting consoles? (unless the engine/framework you are using it doesn't support it)
If you want advice about getting on XboxOne, let me know (being an MS MVP does have advantages Big Grin)


@simondarksidej. That would be great. We use LibGDX engine so it could require quite a bit of work though. Posting a link to a discussion on Reddit for our own future reference Smile

Big Grin 

Now... With that intense graphics, so requirements will rise. I hope it works at 50 FPS in my 1.26 GHz processor, and do not munch a quite lot of memory and battery.

P.S. I'm now starting to save money for the game!


very nice progress!!!

sorry to ask. is there any release date planned? steam early access?

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