DevBlog #13 - Explosion mayhem!



I think the Steam release could be an early access release. We will most likely release on all platforms at the same time.

We can't promise a certain date yet, as it's really hard to predict when it's in a state to be showed to the world, even as an early release Smile The first three to four months of 2018 is something we are striving and working towards though, if it's earlier than that then we will surely let you guys know! Don't shoot us if we need more time Smile


(05-10-2017, 12:02 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: We use LibGDX engine so it could require quite a bit of work though.

Yeah, using LibGDX is going to be quite a limiting factor as it's based on Java. Did some research and there are a fair few blind alleys with no successes yet.
Will keep an ear out and watch that thread. (can't even do UWP which would be a start :S)


When do you expect Beta testing to begin? Q3, Q4 or 2018? I can't wait to play! Looks awesome.


Might be that it will be Q1 or Q2 of 2018. We will see, so hard to predict. But those are "at latest" we would wish to have it playable. Stay tuned Smile


haha it's like that moment u notice u build the toilet next to the dinning room and now it's leaking while u seat there eating


Seems like you really like explosions!  Great looking work!


This looks like an awesome game hopefully I get to help test it Wink Wink
If life is seems to be going smoothly, get ready your about to crash - unknown


I love it Big Grin the explosions are so cool i can't wait for this game to be done and to answer the question it would be better in my opinion to have the ships fully destructible it would be more fun Big Grin


This is too much. I cannot take it anymore. This constant barrage of awesomeness :]
[Image: uwxrZMN.jpg][Image: 76561197990064356.png]


Will bombard you with some more awesomeness again soon! Smile

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