DevBlog #13 - Explosion mayhem!


(06-02-2017, 08:28 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Will bombard you with some more awesomeness again soon! Smile

we will be waiting for it  Smile keep awesome Smile


Woooow!!! I can't wait for beta! This looks amazing and very promising!

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Hi BB.I'm waiting for this game from the moment you announced it and i must say that it seems to have a lot of potențial.But there will be any crew relationships?For example:If they will start revolting against each other,fall into depresions,If they may start to love eachother or kill eachother in need to survive.
And i will control the ship trought a capitan?And If is like a said,we'll be able to customize him?



We have had in mind to try to develop depth to the characters in the game, with them having different attributes, perks, conditions and such.
It's a big task and would be an ongoing process, developed further by the feedback of players.

So in short, yes to that one Smile

We have also had in mind to have a type of character creation system, so you would get to customize characters at least to some degree.

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Now i really can't wait for it;((See what you've done?!Lmao.Anyway,it's good to have developers with actually new and good ideas.That's what i want to see in a game.A good atmospere,characters to care about and all of that combined with a good action gameplaySmile).Not many game developera find a good balance betwen gameplay and atmosphere.Let's hope that you'll do.
And i want to know one more thing.
There will be horror scenarios?For example If i send my crew to explore a abandoned ship,and in that ship to be a creature lurking in the shadows ready to attack them in any moment.
Or some kind of alien virus that would make the infected crew dangerous in any way


We will certainly do our best!

Abandoned ships, space ship wrecks and exploring them will be a big part of the game. We will try to create events we can fit in there related to the world. So it is certainly possible there will be something lurking in the shadows Smile


What about the combat.We can expect turn-based combat or real time?Hope it isn't turn-based...


Combat is still open. It can go either way, it all depends on what we see most fit for the game and how we see game play benefit most.


Is Pauseable Real time possible? Can get best of both worlds...mostly.


And here I find my self again, at what has become a monthly tradition of drooling over these videos. Really looking forward to the next dev-blog. Keep up the hard work!

P.S. You guys killed it with Sector Seige. Another great game to detract from my work efficiency.

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