DevBlog #13 - Explosion mayhem!

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I will continue updating this dev blog as soon as we get Sector Siege released! It's been too long since the last update, luckily I have plenty of stuff that I have recorded from devving, never stopped doing that Smile


Hey @AdmiralGeezer and thanks for activating my forum account. Smile

I am reading all your DevBlogs now, and I have to say you really impressed me with Space Haven concept.

Here I would like to add some suggestions regarding Explosion mayhem Smile

You said that remnants of Earth population are now roaming space in search of new home - given that resources are low for everyone it is highly unlikely that other ships would want to destroy you.
I think enemy ships should first threaten you, and only if you don't give them what they want - they should use non-lethal weaponry to disable your ship and steal from you.
Destroying your vessel would give them far less resources than disabling and raiding it.

My second idea is for a wreckage scavenging mission:
Imagine you are flying through space, your fuel reserves are getting low, and then blimp! blimp! blimp! - your sensors notice a lone, disabled craft floating in space.
You select a single crew member to board this ship. He docks to the silent hull and begins exploring dark corridors.
Then suddenly all the lights turn on and the ship begins charging it's hyperdrive.
It turned out it was a trap ! After all crewmembers are pretty rare commodity too Smile
If you don't manage to disable this ship you would lose the person that boarded it.

What do you think about this?

The game looks very good so far! Keep up the good work - I will do my best to help you with some ideas. Smile




Regarding your first point: We intend to create factions and have much more than just fighting. We have thought about having trading and then also missions like being able to help them with something. We have thought about having a pirate faction too, wanting to board and try to steal stuff from you.

Regarding your second point. Maybe! That would be kinda funny, hehe. But yeah, we definitely want to make exploring of derelict ships a bit ominous and having unexpected events happen at times!

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