Announcing new Battlevoid game! Battlevoid: Sector Siege.


So are you gonna recycle designs (of ships and stations) and weapons from the previous 2 battlevoid games?



Well, yes and no. There will be a lot of similarities, but everything has been made all over again for this game. It means the turrets will look the same, but all the damage values, upgrade possibilities and upgrade values have been made new. They are new turrets in that sense.

We use the same graphic assets from Harbinger, but all units have been made by hand all over again. The ships are made by combining different ship pieces, and the turret module placements are also done by hand. So in that sense the units will also be new. By chance there might be some that look exactly the same as in Harbinger, and on purpose we made the "Nightengale" remain as is Smile

The Battlestation looks the same though Smile

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Well it's good that the battle-station and nightingale look the same... For memories..... Are there gonna be a large variety of ships?

Station idea. : offensive.... If the cap point is within a certain range of this station with poor defense but an offensive weapon capable of hurting a neighboring cap point ex neutralize a shield to zero
On a ship. (Especially if it had to be fired before the battle starts)


Are you guys going to make a Mac version? If so do you need testers, if not I will install windows to my mac and play there.
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Will try to get it to mac! The engine allows for it. So, it's only if some problems arise once we try it out that could prevent it.


Dont rush it,if you think the game needs more time just do it,the fans are able to wait

Big Grin 

Do we keep our levels from the first game or we start new?
Btw love your games guys, soon as this one comes out ima buy it!!!
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@Ed_Ctrz. You will start new. This game is a separate entity to the Battlevoid series, it is not "Harbinger 2" in that sense.

Thanks for your support! Appreciate it Smile


Seriously cannot wait for this to come out!!!! He much longer do I have to wait!?!?


We will announce a release date pretty soon I think Smile

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