New screenshots from Battlevoid: Sector Siege!


#4 right here.

74 hours out of Harbinger, damned straight I'm getting this one too.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have 4. That's right, 4! We are on a roll! Will there be a magical 5? The excitement is bewildering.


Number 5. Y'all keep up the good work, Harbinger is one of my all time favorites on android. Super stoked for this!


I want it NOW! Seriously love the games you have made so far, can't wait for more news on this one.


5! Wohoo! Awesome. It's so great to have a community behind us to support us. We will definitely do our best to bring quality games.

I suspect the next upcoming news will be a trailer!


I'm already throwing money at the screen! Count me in!

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That's like 6 or 7 already. Come on whoever is reading this, let's get it to 10! That's right, you right there. You probably have to create an account on this forum, and I know that sucks! Friggin' human verifying stuff bugging the hell out of you. I wish we didn't need to have that but those bots are relentless these days, and they still get through sometimes!

But you can do it! For the cause.


#8 right here, I've just purchased Harbinger, played just the First Contact so far and that was great, so I'll pass time with Harbinger until you release another sweet game. Smile


AdmrialGeezer, Sir, we're you a hype man before joining the military?


@Raganash. When I was a young lad I used to sell potatoes at the market. Now, there were other potato sellers there, and they weren't exactly kind to me. In order to sell my potatoes I had to learn to make a little noise from myself. I would hype my potatoes as best as I could. One day, I got really good at hyping and so the other potato sellers got mad at me, but I continued hyping. And wouldn't you know it, one day I was the best potato seller at the market, and people came to buy my potatoes.

I hope you enjoyed this little story. I then joined the military and continued to hype myself, now I'm an Admiral! And I get to command you!

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