@bugbyte, will battlevoid sector siege be a free to play game or do you have to buy?

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Hey, I love the look of the new game, though I am curious as to wether or not we will be able to play battlevoid sector siege for free or have to buy it to play the game.



We're sticking to the premium model, so the game will cost up front. Planned prices are $4.99 on mobile and $9.99 on PC.



No it's gonna be great! Completely free to play with only a few mostly cosmetic IAPs.

You go sector by sector in the campaign, but you can only attack about once per hour because your general gets tired and runs out of Energy. You can buy Green Bull for $1 to perk him up though. Or watch 5 ads to increase his stamina.

When you build a ship at the station it takes 5 minutes. But, you can use 20 Warp Crystals to instantly complete your ship, just in case you wanted it out a bit faster...like say if you are under attack.
But there is totally NO paywall cuz every sector you beat, you get a random chance of getting up to THREE crystals for free! (additional are 2.99 per 100)
You can also tap the screen to make your engineers work faster. Every tap is worth -1 second. (unless you want the DoubleTapper for $4 which also adds a cool tap animation!).

You also use Warp Crystals to unlock more ships and guns. You can unlock the "Junk Hauler", "Mark 1 Pinto" and "Pee Shooter" and "Small Mass Driver", with the Scrap and XP that you earn.
There is a small charge for a few extras such as "Death Ray Of Doom" which adds a cooler animation (and 1 shots any ship it touches), or the "Excelsior the StarSlayer" ship. You can also pay to upgrade your general "Doobus" with "Katrina the Killer" for a one time small fee. She is extremely well endowed and inspires better morale among your troops (+100% firepower/speed).
Rest assured that they are very well balanced as the names might imply. We worked super hard on this. No paywall here!!

We have added Summons too which is an exciting and totally logical addition to the game. You can buy Void Stones at the store (or find them randomly about 0.0001% of the time) and can summon CTHULU to eat any enemy ship or station that you click on.

Wait...we haven't talked yet about buying keys to unlock StarChests yet... and Daily Rewards with 2 crap options and 1 awesome one that you will never ever obtain and um...
** END

See? Aren't ya glad Bugbyte isn't free to play now?!

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Hahah, Joe. That was a great read! Actually, you just perfectly built up a new monetization system for our games. Going to get to work to implement all those Green bulls and warp crystals right away! (Kidding)


haha guys XD


He forgot the invincible marries w/ invincible drop ship for a small fee of 20$ other than that it sounds like there is no way to be cheated. Nope. Not at all.

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