Battlestation: First Contact episode 5 tips and advice


Hello Commanders!

We've just launched a new episode update to Battlestation: First Contact. This is the episode where you will face the unknown threat for the first time. Keep in mind that this is the first release of the episode, we would like to know what you think of it. Is it too hard or too easy?

Feel free to share some tips and advice on how to beat the episode as well, as new players want to find out how they can beat the episodes if they are having trouble.

[Image: Episode53.jpg]


Phew I finally beat it, it took me about six different tries but I finally managed it although it took me to wave 71 ahaha; but I tried several ways including a bunch of fighters or just using alot of defenses it turned out that in order to survive the constant bombardmebt of lazers from those orbs of death, is to just spam most of all your population centered on engineers then once you get in game be sure to put them all on repairs so that way you can repair every time those lazers hit you and eventually you'll be saving up and lucky enough to get the plasma cannon or the missile launcher then once you have those you can repel most any attacker once you get into the higher waves and eventually I had five plasma cannons or whatever they're called I'm not entirely sure but along with those I had two missile carriers and a battleship and it was just an amount of time before my cannons were steadily destroying the ship so once you get into that position the main thing you do is wait and boom congratulations you beat the unknown threat


much too difficult!


Well... How this guy on the image managed to have two battleships and 6700 credits on wave 15!?


Haha! Battlecruiserguy because I am Admiral Geezer, I manage the resources and have much power! I can make a call to earth and have them send two Battleships in no time, for no credits!

Stay strong commander.


Wow,I actually beat it on my first try. (But have played the other episodes a lot)
70 engineers, all 10 scientists on energy research. Built 8 bolters and then up to 5 missile ships. Replaced bolters with orbs when i had a lot of money and could not build more ships. Then finally replaced all with plasma when i got them and won at lvl 83. Bought some more ships at the end too, as I lost some while focusing on capital ship with the plasmas.
Bug: I have best episode 0 even though I nailed it on my first try.


Don't understand how to add screenshots here from my phone.I have couple of good screens)


I found good tactics...victory on wave 19!


This one was actually the easiest episode out of the lot... not once did I feel like my battlestation was in danger lol.

Tip = Research plasma ASAP - the range is really good, my battle station had 4 plasma turrets and they were constantly attacking the boss.

Also keep about 3 hangars and keep the ships close by without shields, they will absorb all of the damage from the orbs instead of your battlestation, and are cheap enough that they can respawn faster than the boss can make orbs.

That's about it

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