Battlestation: Harbinger - The new mobile game coming soon!


Hello Commanders!

We are working hard on bringing you a new Battlestation experience. This time you will be commanding one of the human ships, and you will be able to venture into the Schillae, Trolgar and Celestial territories. Many threats and great adventures await you!

This section of the forum is meant to discuss everything related to Battlestation: Harbinger. Stay tuned and enjoy the Battlestation games.


When will Battlestation:Hairbinger be launched for android?


Hello Battlecruiserguy! Welcome to the forums. Battlestation: Harbinger will be out in a couple of months according to our current plans, but we do not yet know if we will launch it on iOS first or Android. But if it is iOS first then Android will follow soon enough.

We will keep you posted!


Thank you Admiral Geezer.


Nice! Cannot wait for this and the PC game also. Keep up the good work!

Is there any way to get subscribed to email when those games are released btw?
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Hello DARKKi! Since you are registered to this forum you should be receiving e-mails to your specified e-mail account you used during registration.

If you have another better e-mail account you can register again using that one and the notification mails will come to you there! Wink


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