Sector Siege needs improvement


Read Steam reviews and you'll find out that Marines being depleted "consumable" isn't just a single person saying it. This system is absolutely useless without any means of replenishing marines.

Also, pretending that developers know better because this is their game is as old as game development. It happened before. From very recent examples we have Blizzard announcing legacy servers, even tho they said in their infamous interview that they would never do that, and that players real don't want them. Turns out they were wrong. 

So, if it was the case they wouldn't be asking for feedback, nor we'd have the abysmal upgrade system that was present in Harbinger. 
I do, however, agree with it taking time, meaning some things need to have higher priority over another. For the same reason I  think this game should have spent some more time in the over before being released.


Honestly, would it be possible if we part ways as developer and player? We do not seem to see eye to eye at all, and all of this is affecting my output negatively. Calling Harbinger's upgrade system "abysmal" is very insulting.

I do not see the point of us having to deal with each other, so I think the best would be to agree to disagree and just leave both parties to their own.

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маленький запрос: изменить текстуру кенетического оружия и цвет снаряда, в предвестнике его (цвет) был оранжевым. Это мелочь, но было бы неплохо

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I meant no offense. I'm sorry if I offended you by this. But this is how things are, for the most part. But yes, it seems it would be best to stop here.


Why does everything have to be a renewable resource? Starcraft has crystal mines that run empty. I don't see why Marines even need to be replenished. You build a Cloudsave and you go forth and capture a 10k value Mothership from the enemy. I would say...great! Go you! A good investment and outcome for those marines. For under 1k for the transport and your 1-shot marine attack, you netted +10k value for you, and -10k value for them.
Why do you feel like you should be able to clone more marines and do it over and over again?
Actually you can... you will likely lose ships as you fight and each new one gets another marine-assault capability. You can even sell a ship and recreate it (though at heavy cost) if you were desperate to stop a big attacking ship.
Now, they made the MarineCloner. I don't really like it exactly, but they DID listen and implement something to address the issue. It is not a perfect system, but being able to trivially create more marines out of thin air would break the game balance.


(10-27-2017, 01:28 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: We will try to do some improvements with time, gotta smash some bugs first!

Did you get or see the post that I posted about the exploit I found that will allow you to get infinite XP

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Yeah, I can't fix that or other exploits without having to dabble with deeper save/load systems and then having to test that nothing gets messed up for thousands of players. This is going to take a month. I have been thinking about trying to make a next update for before Christmas. So there are 2 options: I spend all my time trying to fix exploit loop holes and bring nothing new to the game, or I bring new content to the game. I think this is a clear choice to focus on new content, but if you here disagree let me know.

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1) Upgrade system in Harbinger was great and fitting in its Roguelike fashion.
There is difference between Upgrade and Tech. Even in today's Military, governments try to upgrade their military arsenal, even though you have the research, you are unable to upgrade all your weapons, defence systems. Therefore, new and old weapons/machines might stay at your military warehouse at the same time. In every sector battle, upgrading all ship systems from scratch again could be not bad. (Though, if we are able to send our some selected upgraded ships to new sectors after the battle, that would be nicer)
But Tech, it is an intangible asset. Once you have the knowledge, you have it. You don't lose it easily except you lose your memory, so it is in your records, you can build better ships, do better things with that blueprint.

Suggestion: As this game is 4X-Strategy, what you research in Campaign mode, should continue "researched" in future battles, so we continue with researched techs. (This may require adding more Tech or creating a Tech tree, also maybe making Tech research a little slower. However, people may stay in battle more in order to research all techs, so picking research in Campaign Map Screen before battle could be better, once you finish the battle, your research could be completed.)

2) To make ship-capture worthwhile,
Suggestion: When we capture an Enemy ship (maybe a few times same ship type), we get the blueprint of that ship and then we can start to build that ship in any Campaign (so it can be rewarding to capture ships, especially interesting ones with exotic features). Therefore, we can try to beat the next campaign with better ship roster.

3) When we destroy a ship, seeing its marine bar still full at its last moment look weird. Let's say, when we attack a ship, it can get slight damage but if we hit the right spot (marine barracks), we destroy all its marines for example. During a battle with a ship, half of its marines or our marines die. This could be more realistic I believe.

4) New Content/Improvement to Core mechanics win against Exploit Loop Holes for me. Because I stopped playing after the first days but I purchased and did not refund, I still want to enjoy this game. Also not many people will find the loop holes (and even if we know the loop holes, we can endure not exploiting them); but without much content, lore, good mechanics, people won't play (or future customers won't buy due to negative reviews). I support AdmiralGeezer on adding new content and improvements, I give my vote on this.


I don't think killing Marines during space combat isn't easily implementable or practical alteration to the game since the game doesn't have an actual ship crew mechanic that can be tracked like Star Trek Armada and Armada 2 did. I also don't think it's practical to add alien spacecraft more space stations to you build order in a strategic sense since you may or may not be able to replicate something locally with intangible resources the present but instantly being able to replicate that Empire wide simply because you captured a single ship doesn't seem logical or realistic. That's said I could see certain researchable Tech options such as improved weapon systems or other Buff's being acquired through capturing enemy ships and installations the points building up over time. the reason for this is twofold first harbinger establishes the canonicity of retrofitting alien weapon Systems and Technology Too Human ships and stations within the context of this universe. second I don't look at the research system in the game as purely scientific research but as an extrapolation of the construction of the necessary production facilities locally to produce the enhanced equipment or new systems that you gain access to. the game isn't complex enough to cover literally building a factory to produce things like missile bombers and another Factory to produce energy org cannons and another Factory to produce missile launchers. the research you're doing is the extrapolation of the construction of that infrastructure so as not to clutter up the game. since some things require unlocking especially additional ships and stations it could be surmised that the infrastructure requirements are far more expensive and time-consuming therefore it would make sense that a similar investment could be made for small alien Tech items like guns or Marine landing craft improvements but actually building an alien ship yard to produce 100% alien ships seems a little beyond the scope of the game even though it's not technically outside of the realm of realistic possibility within the universe itself it's merely beyond the scope of the simulation. considering the time it does take to do the research we have. in game at the moment I would not be opposed to some methodology for allowing certain tears of research to be completed at the Strategic level before beginning a mission but based on how the unlocking system works which is essentially what you would have to build this into at the Strategic level in order to get it into the game without needing a major addition of some new system coded in that would make the change permanent and not just for your campaign but for all future campaigns and skirmishes which makes the implementation of such a thing very difficult perhaps it could be added as a purchasable one time buff like the research points or the reinforcements are but the cost would be so high that is not something you would be able to do every time you start a new mission.
one thing I would like to at least hear the feasibility on is having the progress you make on a specific map saved in the event that you later have to fight a defense mission in that same sector. while this seems like common sense I'm not sure the game is actually set up so that this is possible since I think all maps are randomly generated one-time-use affairs and so it doesn't matter if you fight a battle over the same spot three times in a row I suspect the game has no way of knowing that you're actually fighting the same battle three times in a row but if that is a possibility it could make for very interesting defense missions especially at higher difficulty levels

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1. I understand logically that you don't lose or forget tech... unless you are playing a RTS.   I do not see what can realistically be done about it though.   All the tech trees are theoretically balanced, so once you have one researched, you don't even need the rest of them.  Thus, you get one done pretty quick and no more research needed.  Rest of the game becomes trivial when I can immediately equip Photon Torpedoes and Energy Gat PDs.

He would have to rebalance the entire game based upon techs being immediately available.   He just is not going to do that.  Too much work for the sake of appeasing the logic issue which most RTS also ignore.    Granted some of them cover this up by requiring certain buildings or energy or whatever, or upgrading your buildings to be able to do the tier 2 and tier 3 research.  But its the same thing.

We might someday get an XP item that allows us to start with the first tier of a given research tree.     It might also be interesting if certain SECTORs gave you campaign bonuses, such as the above.   It would give a reason to hit certain sectors and not others, and hold onto them.

2) Note that you can Save an enemy ship and reuse them for that battle.   A persistent save would be kind of cool though and it would work great with this idea.   Now that human ships are better, there is less reason to create alien vessels.  But, I DO love the pokeman "collect them all" mentality of it. :-)
The only issue is that you might eventually find some really GOOD ships that could make the game easier.  (i.e. loaded up with advanced weapons and at a good price point where humans don't have much. (the 2k and 4-5k and 8-10k marks).

3) I agree that marines would likely die during combat, but I don't think this really adds much to the game, for him to spend time implementing a random crew death type situation.

4) Agreeed.... more content is king.

edit: sorry, had it quoted wrong.

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