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1) Ok guys... Having to redo research each time is a STAPLE of EVERY RTS game ever! All the way back to warcraft 1 and command and conquer.
You don't start with level 15 towers in any Tower Defense ever. Right? ANY game where you play a map and then play a different map tends to work this way. I agree that it is illogical. But that is the way it is done. You always re-obtain all research and tech and upgrades.

Research is utterly pointless if you do it once and then never again. Obviously you would start with uber weapons every map past the first and make the game trivial.

I just don't see what alternative you would suggest.

2) Agreed that some alternative campaign galaxies might be interesting. I don't see it as a huge limitation though.

3) Bugbyte has a history of roguelike-games like harbinger. To add interest and replayability you use random events. Sometimes life is not fair. I had the same complains and I am in favor of limiting randomness. I did manage to get some things changed...like the fleets USED to literally appear right on top of you and take over via marines and it was Game Over. Within 2 seconds.
As they tweak the game, they add more constraints. Ive been in favor of time-related ones, where early game the reinforcements are pretty limited and grow over time. They are working on it. Ive given a few examples to devs on how to do this, but I am sure they are quite competent and know how to program a game better than myself.
They are gathering feedback and will make changes.

You cannot have it both ways though. You cannot gripe about the random events being too random, AND also gripe that the game feels repetitive. I am not sure how else do you expect them to add interest other than random events?

4) Agreed. Would like sectors to look a bit different. At least more background changes, or some permanent fixtures such as storms, nebulas, etc. This could cause issues with framerate however, so they have to balance this.

5) Yes boarding has been a complaint of mine for ages. It IS feasible, but cannot be overused. Your boarders tend to launch at semi-random times, have no shields, and go in circles first. So you need to be RIGHT ON TOP of them.
But if they make it too easy, then this becomes the de facto strategy. ESPECIALLY if you can just get more marines!

6) You have to ENABLE them in the options menu. I think this should be default as I whined for ages to get this implmented. Select ships, HOLD DOWN button till it double-blinks. Then you can select/deselect with that squad key.

7) Agreed. Partial repair is a good idea.

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