Keeping save when moving to Battlevoid


I have a save game on the tablet that is still using BattleStation: Harbinger, but it doesn't have cloud saving, as it is the old version. If I uninstall Battlestation, and install Battlevoid, will my save files load properly?

Do I need anything else to make this happen?

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You will most likely have some compatibility issues.

Btw, welcome to the forum!

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Anyone know?

I'm just at level 12, (unlocked Armada), and i'm not even going bother playing if I have to grind through it again.


@Grifta. You can try. We can get your progress back if it is lost. (All human ships you want back). We cannot get you back the current game you are playing (campaign).

But your current level and unlocked ships we can get those back for you, it does require connection to internet and using cloud save. The new version has this so long as you have internet it will work Smile

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