Thank you letter from us here at Bugbyte


(11-07-2017, 10:46 PM)Farwest Wrote: I completely agree with @Scott,
Life is full of ups and downs. Therefore our businesses also do same. Game development is a business and you (Bugbyte, AdmiralGeezer) were working on SectorSiege for a long time with great dedication. There are things to get lessons from downs and just move forward. Please do not get demoralized with any negative comments, especially from those who don't understand you but just bashing the game.

I also criticize the game at its current condition, there are things that I didn't enjoy much, however this doesn't mean I don't care the game and want its development.

I think Sector Siege is a success, but let's say if it is failure (Although I have Steam numbers, I don't know the sales volume of Google Store and iOS, I believe they are good), then you are fortunate that you have all the assets already, you are a talented team and skilled coders, you can just do better next time, until a better product is created than the previous. It is just right mix and formula to make the gameplay right. You have a great and dedicated community thanksfully, who are ready to contribute their opinion, discuss, criticize (not every criticism are bad) and all want goodness of the Bugbyte and get future great games.

About my Feedback (I mentioned some in Disappointed thread), there are things to improve/tweak or change dramatically in core Game Mechanics. There is a very sensitive balance, whether fixing them in the current Game, or releasing them in a seperate game.
I have experienced that, games who change their core Game mechanics dramatically after they are released are not doing well, because you won't be able to satisfy people who had liked the previous mechanics (or UI, or something else) people resist against the change who they get used to the old and loved. Therefore at this point, I kindly suggest, if you are going to improve the things, please release them in a seperate build, maybe under a Free DLC, which can be played in different game dynamics or mechanics. Also please don't hesitate to create different Battlevoid titles as well. Some titles will be good, some will be bad, some will be very famous. (But if you do this approach, please invest in Lore too, so people find relation between different titles)

I wish all the goodness for this game and its development team, I thank you for bringing us enjoyable games and worthwhile to discuss.

Wow what a fantastic review. I quite agree with what's being said. I really like the idea of next episode and more lore, because I never think its enough. It's also good way to stabilise revenue. Smile

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