Thank you letter from us here at Bugbyte


Thank you for the work you put into Sector Siege. Making a living as an Indie developer is no easy feat! Since I do not have the talent to develop games, I will do one of the things I do best- enjoy someone else's games. In this case, yours in particular. From your letter, you clearly show us a main reason we committed to your launch campaign. You are passionate about games. You are passionate about listening to your fans. I have only purchased 2 games in the last 5 years on launch day, one of them being Sector Siege. I enjoy this game and am excited that you will continue to make this game better! As you grow, please remember this: your fans will communicate harshly sometimes. We forget there are people on the other end of the keyboard cable. These people have passion, ideas, feelings, and real lives. As a company, you have the obligation to listen to listen to your fans. If you do not, your company is at risk of tanking. We as a fan base have the obligation to critique the product while being kind to the people who create it. People can be ugly and cruel. Remember to separate the cruel feedback from the honest critique. Those who critique tend to be the ones who want to love your brainchild. This is worth celebrating at the end of the day as you turn out the office lights and lock the doors. Keep up the good work!

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