Thank you letter from us here at Bugbyte


I was motivated enough by your post that I went to my computer (and put down the phone) to post this...

Sector Siege is a pretty good game. There are a few things that make it a little better...

(1) The easiest would be if you just remembered my configuration in each mission (scientists, engineers, pilots, marines) so I didn't have to set that every time. Once I found a mix I liked (25 / 5 / 15 / 25) I basically have stuck with it.
(2) The AI is a little dumb, but I think this is hard to do.
(3) Originally, the lack of ships and stations was a bit sad but you have been continually releasing new ones so that keeps things interesting
(4) The nuke is way overpowered. Once you get that, game over.

BUT...these are just some helpful suggestions (and just my dumb opinion).

All in all, you guys haven't released a game I don't like. I paid a whole $5 for Section Siege? Worth every penny. I've played it for countless hours. I still enjoy it. I'm just trying to finish the normal campaign I started and it feels a little like grinding because it's way too easy. That said, I want to complete it and move on to hard because I'll bet I find that more challenging.

Anyway, I think you did great. Don't take any of my comments the wrong way. If I didn't care about what you did, I wouldn't be posting.

I eagerly await your next game(s). Keep up the good work.

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