Thank you letter from us here at Bugbyte


@cbr2wheelin. What you write is very true! Thank you for your support.

Thank you also to everyone here being so understanding. I have been surprised in a very positive way by how many of you understand many different aspects behind game development. Thank you to everyone for writing such nice things, they are definitely a mood lifter Smile


Hi, I've registered to write that I have bought this game about 30 seconds after I have received the mail about the release (I was so pleased with Harbinger) and I do not regret. I am very satisfied with the game. I though it was on previous engine just improved - so grats for new engine! I like the changes as they are more suitable for this type of the game. Although there are a few improvements - still making it one person is very impressive! Thank you for all the hard work.


I was motivated enough by your post that I went to my computer (and put down the phone) to post this...

Sector Siege is a pretty good game. There are a few things that make it a little better...

(1) The easiest would be if you just remembered my configuration in each mission (scientists, engineers, pilots, marines) so I didn't have to set that every time. Once I found a mix I liked (25 / 5 / 15 / 25) I basically have stuck with it.
(2) The AI is a little dumb, but I think this is hard to do.
(3) Originally, the lack of ships and stations was a bit sad but you have been continually releasing new ones so that keeps things interesting
(4) The nuke is way overpowered. Once you get that, game over.

BUT...these are just some helpful suggestions (and just my dumb opinion).

All in all, you guys haven't released a game I don't like. I paid a whole $5 for Section Siege? Worth every penny. I've played it for countless hours. I still enjoy it. I'm just trying to finish the normal campaign I started and it feels a little like grinding because it's way too easy. That said, I want to complete it and move on to hard because I'll bet I find that more challenging.

Anyway, I think you did great. Don't take any of my comments the wrong way. If I didn't care about what you did, I wouldn't be posting.

I eagerly await your next game(s). Keep up the good work.


I guess they could remember your last allocation, but in my case, it depends on what strategy I am going to go with. You will find as you play on Hard/Legend this is a good idea.

Nuke seems pretty reasonable to me. Its OP when the Trolgar start off with it, but it IS a tier 4 research tech, and the lower tier items in that tree are not really mainstream usage items you'd want every game.
Thus, it takes quite a while to get to the nukes.
Once you start playing Hard, you will find that you don't have time to leisurely research a tier 4 item with relatively dead tech underneath... you need to get stuff to help you!

The nuke DPS is is just that all the damage is frontloaded in a big burst. If you blow the enemy away with your first shot after all, reload time becomes a moot point! :-)


@seether166 - yeah, I felt like the Nuke was a little OP at first too. Then I remembered:
1.) How long it took to unlock (it isn't available from the start)
2.) How long it takes to research, each game that you want to use it
3.) The fact that it costs 2k per turret (!)
4.) The reload time is insane, something like 20s

I've come to the same conclusion @joe1512 has, maneuver your ships so you can deliver a devastating alpha strike, then fade away while reloading. I find this strategy works in general, as it can take fighters a few seconds to get into the fray from behind your lines.

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Fun RTS. Great job Admiral Geezer and all at BugByte.
Long may you continue to make fun games and more Battlevoid goodness.
Harbinger is still my favourite but i am having a blast with Sector Siege. Smile


it was the year 2016 when i found battlevoid harbinger on google play searching for good sci fy games... it was amazing! tried out the other two games at that time and when sector siege was released i instantly buyed it (get the email on the second day after release) and it was much better than almost all other rts on google play! bugbyte is one of the best videogame studios on the world (forget EA,ubisoft,usw and theyr pay to win trash!). keep up the great work, i will buy space haven as soon as its realesed no matter what it costs Smile


Wow destroyer16, thank you so much for the supporting comment!

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