Battlestation: Harbinger first teaser video


[Image: battlestationTitle.jpg?resize=800%2C450]

The latest addition to the Battlestation series:

We are pleased to show you the first video material of Battlestation: Harbinger, an epic space adventure awaits you! This time you will command both Battleships and Battlestations, and many of them. You are a legendary commander shaping the history of mankind. The John Sheridan of your time.

This is Battlestation: Harbinger.

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You don't want to miss it!

Let us know what you think in the comments below Smile




When does this come out!?!?!


Looks amazing! Can't wait to be the Delenn of my time!


So excited! Can you tell us how much it'll cost?


You can call me Valen.


Looks great


I just can't wait for this, really, there's no other game I want to play right now!


FoxKing this is coming out soon, have patience commander! We want to make this game great so that your experience will be as good as possible.

Tropicz we have planned currently for this to have the same model as Battlestation: First Contact, where you get to play 1 episode for free and then decide if you like it enough to buy! But we will see how it shapes out.

Stay tuned!


Looks really good guys Smile keep up the good work! is this also the version coming out for pc or is that a different one?

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