Battlestation: Harbinger first teaser video


Look very good but only one ship??? Pleases the game need more ships for the player that make the game a lot better.


Hey Pautaniik! Yes we have implemented that, you can have multiple ships and choose formations for them. So the player can decide for himself if he wants to buy many ships or invest in more devastating cannons.

Of course, at some point you will have both! Wink


OMG!!!!!I want the gameeeee!!!! How mush time i need to wait to get the game in android ???


And i have a question, i buy the packs for all episode in Battlestation fist contact, this make me have all episode in Battlestation Harbinger??? Pleases


We are trying to get Harbinger completed as fast as possible! We cannot give out the game for free, it is so hard to make enough money to get bread on the table as indie developers. All the money goes towards making new Battlestation games, we hope that you understand this.


If i had enough money to pay you all 100k a year i would as long as you kept making superlative games Smile


That thing whit formations reminds me on Battlestations Midway.


And I am from croatia(sorry i coudn't say that earlier)...


Oh, and I almost forgot to say you that i am programming games on gamemaker studio. Every monday,7:00-9:00, FER.(zagreb)


That is very cool Battlecruiserguy! Also Croatia rocks!

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