Battlestation: Harbinger first teaser video


Pleases how mush time i need to wait for the game pleases!!!!!!!


We will try hard to bring it to you as soon as possible! Stay patient commander, it will be worth it. We have a lot of good stuff coming your way Wink



Can we get a eta on launch date, or perhaps beta access?



We are aiming for August or September this year, hopefully we can manage that for you guys. It means we have to work all summer, but we are willing to do it Wink


I don't care how long the game takes as long as you keep us posted with monthly updates via email and youtube! Wink


Thanks FoxKing, means a lot. Great to have some awesome fans out there! Things have been really rough on us, we haven't had much success money wise but we are hopeful that things will change. It is our dream to be able to keep on making more Battlestation games.

I will keep you updated commanders! And at least monthly updates will definitely come. I can say that we have finally got Harbinger to a very good point and the game play is starting to be really cool. We will also launch the new Kickstarter for the PC game Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope at the same time we publish Harbinger, we have some really nice material to show you from that as well!

Stay tuned commanders!


How much time iust wite for this game? Sad(


Hi redblue444!

If everything goes according to plan we will publish it in August, stay tuned! Smile


Make an alpha version and let us to try the game!
If we see and try the game whe can help you with new ideas for this game! Smile
Make only for members.


That litle part of the game,le us to be the first who try it! Smile

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