Battlestation: Harbinger first teaser video


I agree with redblue444 make a alpha game only for members pleased Big Grin


Hey I've been waiting so long you really need to release early access please


They are releasing it August 13th, just a month from now Smile I found out about this. They announced it in another thread here in Harbinger. woop Woop!


Yay I heard only if things go acording to plan though


Yay I heard only if things go acording to plan


Oops sorry
Thought It didn't read


We are releasing August 13th on Google Play and Apple App Store with 100% certainty, it is official now Smile We will announce this bigger this week. Just making some cool videos for you to watch Smile


The cool thing about that is that agust is my birthday


You can see how the game has changed from the first teaser video here at page 1. A substantial amount of work went into testing and some things we had implemented didn't work out so we had to go back to the drawing board. The Battlestation mode is still something we might implement back at some point Smile

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