BSE Firstcontact?


Okay, I searched this forum for "firstcontact" and found nothing...

What does this station do that's special?  I was kind of curious about that before I spent my hard-earned unlock points on it ;-)

Thanks for continuing to bring updates to the game so soon after launch!


It doesn't do anything besides have a lot of point defense slots, so it should be really good for anti-missile and anti-fighter purposes!


Ah, interesting. It's got a nice paint job though. Haha.


It's the station from one of our first Battlevoid games. Battlevoid: First Contact Smile


I was wondering about that as well. It is roughly equivalent in firepower to the 1600 station except more focused on anti-fighter/missile obviously. However, it costs more (1800) and has WAY less armor/shields than that one which is odd.
I'd recommend buffing the armor and shields significantly to make it much tougher. "Hard to Kill" would be its secondary niche. Its what you make when you really need your station to hold out as long as possible.

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