DevBlog #16 - Christmas greetings! New screenshots and footage 2.

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[Image: R3I0xdQ.jpg]

Merry Christmas from us here at Bugbyte!

Feel free to zoom in on screenshots if on small screen.

While Santa has been preparing for Christmas we have been churning away on Space Haven. Things are coming together, we are able to put more pieces together and start to experience the package as a game. There are still ways to go though, a lot of challenges have come up along the way but we are confident that we can overcome. I'm excited to show you the newest material of the game, I think the game is looking more gorgeous than ever but will leave it up to you to decide for yourself!

Above is a ship designed for mining, a mining ship! 4 mining pods are able to launch from the pod hangars and go mine for resources.

[Image: iwXnNcy.jpg]

Two crew members put on their space suits and use jet packs to go claim a couple of mining pods left out in space. These should be useful for times to come!

[Image: q7eGTox.jpg]

Team leader having a last debrief for the boarding party. We have encountered an unknown space ship and they are not responding to our hailing. Perhaps the ship is abandoned, could also be a trap!

[Image: aBcCeCt.jpg]

No life forms on this ship. However, we found some very valuable resources in the central storage, we will grab them and leave.

[Image: oSjbHqN.jpg]

Life aboard a ship. There are plenty of tasks to take care of, keeping the crew members busy. Life is not bad right now, but we never know what tomorrow might bring. We need to be prepared.

Short video clips of game play below!

Designing my very own space ship!

Let's power up this ship and put the lights back on! It's so dark in here. Don't mind the hangar hole in the ship, the hangar graphic was not yet completed Smile

Mining pods launch off to go mine for valuable resources.

Mining pods return from their mission. Everybody chimes in and helps load off the pods.

Time to leave this sector and jump into hyper space.

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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