DevBlog #16 - Christmas greetings! New screenshots and footage 2.

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The game is developed with PC as the primary platform, but we have also developed the game from the beginning with mobile support in mind. FTL is on mobile as well, and the game play of Space Haven is such that it's possible to get it working great on mobile too.

Regarding depth of the game a short answer to give a good picture would be: "Rimworld on space ships". That's the type of depth and fun we're aiming for.
  • It's about the crew, their stats, their relationships to each other (Will be light in beginning)
  • It's about exploring randomly generated galaxies
  • It's about The other groups you encounter, the choices to rob or help them, or maybe have one of them join your crew
  • It's about building your space ship block by block from the ground up, expanding your space ship, capturing other space ships and making that your new home
  • It's about how you build your space ship, how you optimize food production and resource gathering. Where you place your sleeping quarters and where you put your kitchen.
  • It's about who is a good cook and who sucks at piloting

  • And of course it's also about crew combat and space ship battles.
We will try to create as much freedom and depth as humanly possible for our team.

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