Battlestation: Harbinger weapon tech showcase


Sweet! Big Grin


That looks awesome, but the dual plasma cannon looks kinda useless from a certain distance. Can you guys make it so that when the enemy ships are super close, the shots will all or mostly land. Plus is there beta testing?


Yes well the target is so small in the shooting range there so that is affecting it quite a bit. It will be more effective against big ships! We will have to see about beta testing, we will let you know.


When it comes out, finally.


Can you tell me a bit about those fighters, drones and bombers(so exitedBig Grin).


Can you, AdmiralGeezer please tell me a bit about those fighters, drones and bombers?


And i noticed a button at the bottom of the screen.


I have been on an inter-galactic travel commander! Duties call, some Trolgars were spotted in sector s-57. Had to check it out. Yes there seems to be a button there, yet it seems to do nothing Smile

Well the different hangars have different small attack ships specialized in different tasks. There are fighters with bolters and lasers, bombers with plasmas, and drones with different weapons. They can also be upgraded to be even more effective! We have wanted to give you more hangars and small attack ships to play around with. Some can be used for more defensive purposes, like shooting down incoming missiles towards your bigger ships. Others can be used to attack enemy ships.

If everything goes according to plan we will publish the game in August!



looks great guys Smile just wondering if the nuke does more damage than the dual plasma if both shots hit?


Yes the nuke does a lot of damage! Dual plasma is super good against shields but nuke does damage to shields and hull as well.

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