space haven universe

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from all i read it looks like space haven plays in a different universe than battlevoid.
why not make it play a few years after the events of battlevoid harbinger or first contact?
so one of the alien races have wiped out human fleet and earth is being evacuated as the enemy fleets jump in and force the last battlestation into a battle it cannot win! 
that would be great as it continues the battlevoid series once more and you can add in the alien races from battlevoid!
maybe you can diplomatically befriend them so they understand they fight for nothing and they all ally to fight back against the great unknown!
and i want to add i will pay up to 70€ for this on pc and about 20€ on mobile.
also:WHEN I CAN BUY THIS???????!!!!


We thought about it but decided it would be a separate universe to battlevoid, but never know!

We do not yet know when the game is ready to be sold, but glad to see you so interested! We will work hard next year.

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