I am just asking a question, Would it be possible to add mod support to Battlevoid: Sector Siege?


It's possible but the amount of work to make it happen is a big financial decision for us and one we cannot invest in unfortunately.

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This has been brought up many times and id like to point out that by generating a moding community you would likely I increase both your sells significantly and the lifespan of the game. Its definitely a worth while investment. Imagine the exposure you could get on YouTube and twitch from the mod coverage. That's free advertising.


It depends a lot on the game and a bunch of other factors if modding is financially worth it or not. The cost is easily  upwards of 10k when talking about sector siege or harbinger specifically. Our own toughts are that the most likely scenario is that we would lose a lot of money on it.

We would want to do it for you guys but it's not possible with these games. We have kept this more in mind regarding space haven and perhaps it will be possible there.


Could you elaborate on the cost on your end please? A better understanding of the difficulties on your end emplamenting moding especially for both siege and harbinger would be helpful and just maybe the community can find a way to help. Modders are by their nature very giving as we devote sometimes years to furthering the games that we love for free. You probably wouldn't believe the things I've seen mod team do for games total out of pocket.


We would have to create the tools to make it possible for the community to do something, before any tools are made the community cannot do anything really. So we would have to create and support the modding tool, and fit it to the game.

Creating these modding tools and modifying our games to support them is the bulk of the work, community could perhaps help with some documentation and such, and giving feedback of course. But this is full on developing our games further and requiring a lot of time.

If we would see an opportunity to create revenue on top of development costs here we would absolutely be jumping on it. But this is not the case unfortunately. And we have certainly given this proper thought,keep in mind we have all the sales data available of our games, 5 years of experience developing and releasing games, 5 years of experience marketing games, 5 years of e-mailing youtubers and such hoping for a response. We have also looked at games with mod support and studied them.

The simple conclusion of all of this is that we do not see it financially sound to invest in modding tools for the Battlevoid games, it would actually be financially devastating to us since our funds are so limited. This does not mean we do not like modding tools, or do not plan to create such in future games. It means it's not possible for the current Battlevoid games from a financial point of view.


Well I can understand this. Have you considered crowd funding the project? Also just a thought for future games but anything that would function as a good mod tool would also be invaluable to you guy in developing the game in the first place. I can understand not wanting to go back and restart development on harbinger or siege but this is worth considering for follow on games or sequels for both which I would also love to see.

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