Battlestation: Harbinger new June screenshots


[Image: buildScreen.png]

The Battlestation: Harbinger build screen. Red slots for big cannons, blue slots for small point defense cannons and facilities. Green round slots for hangar bays!

[Image: newMission3.png]

The mission screen. We have tried to explain the different missions with images. There are different missions for you to complete. Escort friendly ships to safety, destroy enemy ships, clear out sectors and so on. Every game is its own, so you will always have different set ups of missions in a game!

[Image: mapScreen2.png]

The star map screen, which you use to travel to new sectors. The minimap to the right shows what your scanners reveal from the sectors. The bigger the red triangles are, the bigger enemy ships will greet you there!

[Image: bigBattle5.png]

Fighting some Trolgars on their territory. Victory! What a sweet human fleet that is, and you take point as the commander of BSE Nightengale. Oh yeah, BSE stands for Battlestation Earth. The ultimate most badass ship is of course named BSE Harbinger, the messenger that brings the message of pain to all that dare stand in its way!

[Image: enemyBattlestation2.png]
[Image: enemyBattlestation3.png]

An epic battle between Humans and Trolgars taking place. Wait a minute, is that a Trolgar Battlestation up to the left. It must be! That's right it is, they have built Battlestations of their own and it is your job to attack them and clear them out. They have built them on meteors floating aimlessly in the space, clever bastards!

[Image: bigBattle3.png]

A bonus battle screenshot. What might that black Trolgar ship down there be? Well I can tell you, it is an elite Trolgar Battleships, sent specially for you to destroy you because you have made a name for yourself. They are tough and trained in battle, with better ships and technologies.

Hope you liked this presentation, we are eager to bring you the game! What do you think, looks good?


I can see you've been hard at work. Yeah, looking good!


Looks awesome! Nice work BugByte!


In "epic battle between trolgars and humans" the lights on the planet must be trolgar cities. Or are they?


Yeah Trolgars have big camp fires down there! They are doing their rituals as their people fight up in the space.


That sounds promising.


I thought that trolgars had lighbulbs. Not large camp fires visible from outer space.


Well Trolgars are a mix of new and old, they still perform their tribe-like rituals but as they reach for the stars they need to use other races technologies. This is why they steal everything they can and mix different technologies together from other races.

But we will leave it up to ones imagination what kind of lights are down there Smile


WoW!!Good game
But add a multiplayer mode!


I got more hyped from this than i did when i saw the trailer for Dark Souls 3 at E3

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