Battlestation: Harbinger July short trailer


No, it will be $3.99 in Google Play and Apple App Store in the beginning, so be sure to grab it fast Wink At least for the first week it will be priced at the $3.99.


But in future update the game will add new ship, enemys, etc. ???


Sure we will update the game but I assure you there is plenty to play in the game already!


Actually there is an unlimited amount of galaxies you can play, as each time you play the galaxy is randomized and you get to play a new fresh one. It really adds to the replayability of the game.


OMG DAMMM THE MORE I SEE THE MORE I WANT THAT GAMEEEEEE!!!!!! soo you can travel all over the space and the game will ramdom spawn new and fresh galaxy?????


With no limits ??? Spawn unlimited galaxy in the same game I play ???? Pleeases say yes that you telling me pleases Big Grin


Yes it works like this: The game consists of 3 galaxies, that you have to complete in order to get through the game. Every time you play a new game these 3 galaxies will be different, that means the position of the planets, the enemy movements, the amount of enemies, where your allied Battlestations are, where you find missions and so on will be different.

Oh and sometimes you find an awesome turret somewhere.

But the placements of all of the above and how they happen are different for each new game. That means even if you manage to win one game, when you start a new one it isn't the same map anymore! Well, you'll see it when you play it commander.



I am going to dalmacia in croatia. I will be back om Aug 13!


I am soo hiiigh i can't wait enymore lol


I am currently watching a military parade in Zagreb, our capital. It is damm huge.

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