DevBlog #17 - Let's expand our ship!


(01-25-2018, 06:49 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: @Ailab.

Multiple floors would be cool but there is a problem related to that. Namely, when you want to know what is going on at all times switching between floors becomes a hassle. For example: If you have a fire going on at one floor, a crew combat going on at another, and an accident going on at a third floor it would be really cumbersome to manage all those situation switching between floors.

I have some idea to solve this problem:
- a screen at you can see the all floors, and the walls are transparent (a bit lower than 100% transparency). At this screen you can see perfect (because of no transparent) the fires, crews etc
- small hopping windows aside (like in facebook), when there is a problem anywhere. And if you click on this window, the screen will show the problematic floor.

I think, it would boost a lot the game, and with buttons (1-10) the players can fast check all the floors.

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