DevBlog #17 - Let's expand our ship!


Since there was a bump I have a question:

I imagine you envision some sort of jumping from sector to sector, like in FTL game.
In that case your hyperdrive must charge up for x minutes, and that is your time to explore your current location.
The drive charging time would depend on how good your engines are and how experienced your pilot/engineer is, aye captain?

When hyperdrive is charged you can stay in a sector indefinitely, until you hit the jump button - and that is the time when you can expand/build your ship.
Or expanding the ship takes several jumps to complete?

Would expanding the ship in open space put you in any danger?
I mean gameplay wise - you are building for x minutes, and then your ship is vulnerable to attacks, since it cannot move.

What can you say about that @AdmiralGeezer ?

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