DevBlog #17 - Let's expand our ship!


(03-04-2018, 02:09 AM)dwldjon Wrote: When is the game coming out?

We do not know yet. We need to get the game play good enough before we can release it. The thing is, there is simply no recipe to follow to make it great, we have to try things out, see if they work, and try some more. It's a lot of iterations and little by little we get the game further and pieces come together.

This is taking more time than anticipated, once again. Rimworld has been worked on for 5 years, we are about 2 years in.
I do hope we get the game far enough this year.

I'm going to give a big update soon, we have been working on setting up all needed social channels and home page for the game:




Since there was a bump I have a question:

I imagine you envision some sort of jumping from sector to sector, like in FTL game.
In that case your hyperdrive must charge up for x minutes, and that is your time to explore your current location.
The drive charging time would depend on how good your engines are and how experienced your pilot/engineer is, aye captain?

When hyperdrive is charged you can stay in a sector indefinitely, until you hit the jump button - and that is the time when you can expand/build your ship.
Or expanding the ship takes several jumps to complete?

Would expanding the ship in open space put you in any danger?
I mean gameplay wise - you are building for x minutes, and then your ship is vulnerable to attacks, since it cannot move.

What can you say about that @AdmiralGeezer ?


That's how it works pretty much! Takes some time to charge engines, and you can do it anytime you want and be in a sector for as long as you want.
Expanding the ship is done in a sector, and everything has to be in order before jumping into hyper space.


I have a question linked to charging the hyperdrive. Is there a complex energy system like in FTL? In this way would the player redirect the energy (for example from the shields) to the hyperdrive (=charging the hyperdrive), so it would have a risk factor to jump in hyperspace...



Currently you only have to have enough fuel and power to make the jump, but we do have an energy node system inside the ship. We already have implemented the possibility to steer how the power goes through these nodes,
so you can cut one part of the ship out of power if you want. So in that sense there is a lot of room to play around with that system and implement some fun stuff.

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