DevBlog #19 - It's starting to look like an amazing game!


Just out of curiosity why don't these emails include a unsubscribe link? Isn't that required these days? I can't even find out how to unsubscribe!



Respond to the mail you got with "unsubscribe" or the like and we will unsub you!


Looking good!

Are you planning on making the work screen able to set manual priorities for the different jobs? I'm thinking the same sort of way Rimworld (and I'm sure other games!) allows you to?


@Nysosis. Absolutely if that is something that is needed and players want it. Shouldn't be too much of a hassle to implement that.


Are you still entertaining making this for tablets?  If so do you have any idea what kinds you are planning to include?  That is, I have  Pixel C.  Would you GUESS that would be included?  Of course, I personally will not hold you to anything and I realize you do not have ANY firm commitments on any of this.

Thanks!  It really just looks AWESOME!!  I can't wait!


Just.. Wow!
[Image: uwxrZMN.jpg][Image: 76561197990064356.png]


Will this game be single player or multiplayer?


@Ironhead65. Yes, the game will be available on tablets! The Pixel C should work fine looking at the specs.

@Morban. The game will be single player.


yes please hoping this year! and iphone please!

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