Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING

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Battlestation: Harbinger is out but there have been a few reports of the game crashing and some other unfortunate events taking place.

Don't worry we are on it, we will work as hard and as fast as we can to fix this.

PLEASE: Do not leave a bad review, it affects our business. Leave a good review and if we do not fix this for you, you can leave a bad review later. This is important so that we can keep on making Battlestation games Smile

You are free to write here whatever is going wrong in the game. Let's fix the problems together!


I play normali and in aome point the game freez when i go in another planet or skip turns


We have fixed the bug! Smile It will take around 4 hours until you can update the game. So no worries commanders!

Just wait a little bit and then you should be able to update the game through Google Play.


In ios platform have some problem with galaxy map. You can't roll up so you can't explore the higher part of the map at all.


Yes we have fixed that one as well! We will try to get the update to the store as soon as possible, we will notify you here when it is live. Thank you for the patience!


Thank you


I am playing on a galaxy tab 2 and I can place as many turrets in a slot as I like so far. Had 2 energy cannons in 1 slot and 2 projectile and 1 missile turret in another slot


Greetings Joel!

That is an issue we have not discovered ourselves, thank you for reporting it. We think could be an issue with a specific ship. Which ship were you using?


iOS Version

game crashed, and wiped all of my experience.
Can't scroll galaxy map
Laser Canon doesn't seem to do any damage


Greetings Malakh!

The next update will fix the crash and the galaxy map issue. Check the statistics of your Laser cannon, however, we will look into this as well. Keep em coming!

Hopefully the new update is live in the store soon, we will keep you posted.

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