Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING


Android version. I am assuming you don't have to play through it in 1 setting.
I played it for an hour last night, got 2 support ships and equipped them. Had to go to bed so exited out the game by clicking the gear icon, then home icon to the main menu.

This morning I tried to continue the game. The main ship is still there, but both of my support ships are gone... Sad
I am at the right place on the map, but that's messed up...

I can repeat this bug (just bought another ship, exit out, then restart it. ship's gone again...)


Hi jackistired!

Does the bug come after this also: Try buying support ships. Try flying a couple of sectors before you quit. Do the support ships vanish still after this when you quit and come back?


Just tried... Still the same Sad


Have played through the game several time. I love it. However my score keeps getting wiped so I can't unlock any higher level ships - very annoying.


Hello canhale!

Are you playing on Android or iOS. Try clearing the data for Harbinger in the device application settings. That should reset it and then you should be able to progress again.


Hi game keeps wiping my progress so annoying will update fix this? Really good game otherwise!


Hey Doddie!

Are you playing on Android or iOS? We are working on all the issues.


Hey Admiral playing on iOS



Android Version
OnePlus One phone

I click play and the loading comes up for the game I was playing yesterday, I see the planet in background load, the bar gets to 9/10ths full and Eden says 'You can only target bigger enemy ships'..... and then nothing.

Won't load further.

By not having a New Game, Continue option at the beginning means I am stuck not being able to play currently.

I don't want to uninstall and reinstall (lose my unlocked ships) but I fear this may be the only way.

Is this bug something that happens frequently? If so I would rather wait to start again until it is fixed.

I backed the failed original KS, bought both android games (and paid for the additional races on original android game) and now this one. I am a big fan of the series and wish you the best in the main KS campaign (which I have also backed).


Hello SamJermy!

You are an outstanding commander, thank you so much for your support.

Yes we are aware of the issue and actually we will test it here now. I can then report back to you and say if you need to clear your data or not.

Hopefully not! I will report back soon.

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